Share A Ride

Since the last 20 years, our corporate client travelers have been telling us that ” Our travelers are in good hands because we work with SASWAD”. Now, that’s something you don’t hear every day, but as people say Bad Habits Die Hard. Now that we have got into this bad habit, we want to ensure we have more and more people telling us this on weekly, daily, hourly basis.

Happy to announce the next big step towards expanding our business, the launch of SASWAD Share-A-Ride.!

Our Mobile App allows individual travelers to quickly and easily book a car for their ONE-WAY travel to Mumbai or Pune which is safe and trustworthy.

Needless to say, its door-to-door on time service with 24*7 customer support and GPS tracking available at all times.

Re-iterating, be rest assured all your references are in “Good Hands”!!

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