Small Gestures=Big Impact

One of our regular customers who is the CEO of a multinational IT company has a pseudo OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) for ensuring everything is spic and span and in the right places. He has been travelling regularly with us for the last 2 years. One day he asks my driver “Aaj Gaadi Kisne Saaf Kiya Hain”? The driver was shocked with his question and was wondering why would he ask this. He gently replied ” the regular cleaner didn’t turn up today hence the replacement did his job” and closed the conversation.My driver informed me about this incident when he took a halt at the Expressway Food Mall. To curb my curiosity, I called him to ask “Is anything wrong with the car? Is it not clean or upto your expectations”.He replied saying “Sameer- the reason I choose Saswad as my travel partner is because of the cleanliness in the car, availability of newspapers, mineral water and a lot of other value added services irrespective what time I call for it. Whether is 3 am in the morning for my flight to the US or its 6 pm in the evening to take me to my Mumbai office”. But today, it was different. I saw some minor changes in the placement of the tissue box, fresh flowers near the gods idol and the smell of the freshener was perfect! The new guy/replacement person has given an added touch of warmth and comfort to the car, hence my question”I replied with a smile saying “Thank you Sir. Its a pleasure to work with you”Thats when I realised its small gestures like this that make the travel worth it:) Happy Reading! Best Always