We have the Right to be Safe!

A few days ago, a female corporate traveller was on her way to Mumbai post office hours. Being a lonely female traveller, there is always an insecurity and fear whether she is safe or not for the next 4 hours with the driver in the car. So she kept looking at the driver to check if he was looking at her.

After a couple of minutes the driver realised that!! What do you think he would have done? In most scenarios the driver would have stared back and made the traveller uncomfortable. Fortunately the way we train our drivers at Saswad made all the difference in the reaction of the driver. Immediately he turned the centre mirror other way and used the rear mirrors for the entire journey.

It was a proud moment for me when I got a call from the lady telling me that travelling in Saswad definitely “Gives us a Right to Be Safe”Thought of sharing it with my fellow colleagues who face this challenge in ensuring safety of their female travellers during work or non work hours.
Have a great weekend!
Best Always